Changing Student Attitudes towards Globalization: A Study on the Influence of International BusinessCourses in Qatar and Hong Kong

Amit Das, Pamsy P. Hui, Shobha S. Das


We report how the attitudes of students towards globalization changed upon completing the International Business course in two mid-sized universities, one in the Middle East and the other in East Asia. We examined students’ attitudes towards globalization – economic, political, and cultural – through questionnaire surveys administered at the start and end of the IB course. Paired t-tests show that students’ awareness of globalization and diversity, and their knowledge of international trade increased significantly from the start of the

course to its end. However, students’ views on the impacts of globalization, their tolerance for diversity, support for free market policies, and attitudes towards foreign investment showed little or no change. We conclude that it is easier to raise awareness and knowledge of globalization than to change more deeply held values on diversity, free market economics, and foreign investment.

Keywords: Globalization, Student Attitudes, Before-After Design



globalization, student attitudes, repeated-measures design

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