Developing Ethics at the Workplace through Transformational Leadership: A Study of Business Organizations in India

Kavita Singh


In order to effectively respond to the age of rapid changes in the environment, a new kind of leadership is needed that enables organizations to transform themselves and to cope with the changes. This new brand of leaders must have the ability to help the organization develop a vision of the full potential, to mobilize the organization to accept and work towards achieving the new vision, and to institutionalize the changes that must last over time. These new leaders are called transformational leaders as they create something new out of something old. A transformational leader is expected to exhibit a high level of ethics that raises the followers’ trust and commitment and thus result in increased level of performance. With these considerations, the current paper sets out to examine the relationship between the dimensions of transformational leadership and ethics at workplace in Indian business organizations. The results suggest that transformational leadership and its dimensions are significantly related to ethics at workplace. We find that in order to raise the level of ethics at workplace, the leaders of organizations need to practice and apply the dimensions of transformational leadership -especially by developing and articulating a vision, providing individualized support, and acting as role models.


Keywords: Transformational leadership, ethics, Indian business organizations




transformational leadership; ethics; articulate vision; individualized support; fostering acceptance of goals

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